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“Jews who believe in Jesus!”

His Highest Harmony is a ministry to the Jewish people of the British West Indies.  We have been called to the nations and specifically to the people of the Caribbean to proclaim the Good News that Yeshua (Jesus) is the promised Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures.  We will be doing this by holding Messianic Worship Services, teaching about the Biblical Feasts and Festivals of the LORD and by holding luncheons for Jewish businessmen and praying for their needs.  We will be teaching Hebraic Roots through our Bible College and equipping the Body of Believers in this region to reach out to their Jewish brothers and sisters with the love of Messiah!  “And it is in this way that all Is’rael shall be saved!” - Romans 11:26

We need YOU to help reach the Jewish people of the British West Indies with the Good News that Yeshua (Jesus) IS the Messiah of Israel!

This is a wonderfully ripe field for harvest and we can and will provide the hard work.  Won’t you please pray about providing the prayer and finances so we can reach the unreached Jewish people of this part of the world with the Good News?

To partner with us in the work of reaching the Jewish people of the British West Indies, click “Here.”

        Rabbi Harlon & 
Messianic Jewish Teacher Joyce Picker
    Invite you to partner with them
in this work!
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That NONE Should Perish!

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