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Does your church love the Jewish people and have a heart for Israel?
Is your church longing to reach out to the Jewish community in your area?
We can assist you! 

We would love to present you with comprehensive teachings on the Jewish feasts and festivals, Hebraic Biblical History, evangelizing, praying for and teaching how to effectively love and relate to the Jewish people. 

Phn. 314.341.8025


Messianic Rabbis Harlon and Joyce Picker are fully ordained by the Assemblies of God. Both hold Bachelors Degrees in Theology and are working toward their Master's degree at 
The King’s Seminary Master’s Program in Messianic Jewish Studies under Dr. Jack Hayford.

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His Highest Harmony

9019 W. Sugar Street
Cheney, WA  99004

We are available for

  • Seders

  • Group education/discipleship

  • Teaching/men's & women's ministries

  • Teaching/young adults ministries

  • Prayer groups 

  • Conferences 

  • National events

  • Interviews

  • Written articles

Please let us hear from you.

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